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CEREC One-Visit Crowns in Superior

We keep your visits limited for your convenience, thanks to CEREC One-Visit Crowns Technology!

When you break or damage a tooth, you’ll need to receive treatment to repair it quickly. This is so you’ll reduce the amount of time that the delicate nerves inside your enamel are exposed to the destructive bacteria that naturally exists in your oral cavity. But you’re not going to want to visit the dentist more often that you really need to, which is why Hill Avenue Dental uses CEREC one-visit crown equipment. Dr. Doug Clark, III knows that you’ll appreciate the short time it takes you to receive a natural-looking crown with this process.

Inside every tooth is a nerve, which is normally referred to as the “pulp.”After a tooth breaks, contaminants will begin to invade the fracture. Once germs reach the pulp, the area becomes infected. The process is very time-sensitive. To save your tooth and your smile, Drs. Doug and Doug Clark can use CEREC one-visit crowns to cap over the damage at our Superior, WI dentistry practice. A crown is a false top to your tooth, and, when placed, it can work to prevent these damaging microorganisms from compromising your nerve.

Our CEREC, or Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics, machine allows us to fit, create, and place your crown in just a single appointment. You won’t have to make multiple trips to our Superior, WI office, which will save you money. The crowns are fashioned from dental porcelain, which can give you the natural and unaltered appearance you’re looking for. Your friends and family may never even notice that you had a repair!

If you have metal crowns, a CEREC one-visit crown can be produced to replace your outdated prosthetics. Hill Avenue Dental prefers to use  CEREC dentistry whenever we can because the restorations are strong and have a natural look. Ceramic replacements typically do not compromise your wellbeing or your self-confidence, thanks to their natural look. Our Superior, WI office regularly replaces metal crowns with porcelain ones with CEREC equipment.

Drs. Doug and Doug Clark provide CEREC one-visit crown technology to patients from Superior, Lake Nebagamon, Solon Springs, Brule and other areas in Douglas County and Northern Wisconsin as well as Duluth, Proctor, Hermantown and Cloquet in Northeastern Minnesota. Hill Avenue Dental is located in Superior, WI, and our staff is practiced in repairing smiles. We offer a number of restorative dentistry options because we know that the needs and preferences of each patient are different. While you’re scheduling your appointment, ask about the cosmetic dentistry procedures Hill Avenue Dental has available. We can’t wait to help you improve your image today!

CEREC One-Visit Crowns FAQs

a CEREC milling machine making a dental crown

At Hill Avenue Dental, we’re proud to offer our patients convenient and high-quality care by using the latest technology, like CEREC in Superior and CAD/CAM software. However, we realize that many patients probably don’t know what this is or how it’s used to make custom-fitted crowns, which is why we’ve decided to answer some common questions we receive about this process. Take a look below, and if you don’t see your question listed, don’t hesitate to call us!

Is CEREC technology and digital dentistry a new concept?

CAD/CAM software, which is the computer-aided design of dental restorations, like crowns, has been possible with CEREC for more than 20 years. However, unlike 20 years ago, this technology offers new bells and whistles that make the design and creation of same-day restorations more seamless and precise. One of the most notable advancements is the imaging device that captures a blueprint of your mouth. Your dentist is able to be more creative when it comes to taking impressions, and your mouth won’t need to be covered in powder during this process like it did in the past, making it more comfortable and accurate.

Why should I choose a dentist who uses CAD/CAM & CEREC technology?

If you’d prefer not to spend your hard-earned PTO at work on a few visits to the dentist, then it’s a good idea to visit one who uses the latest technology, like CEREC. These devices streamline dentistry without cutting back on the quality of restorations and treatments. Plus, CEREC dentists are able to produce the most amazing results, both aesthetically and functionally, by knowing every intimate detail of your restoration process, including being able to craft your dental crown themselves.

Are restorations made in-office as good as ones that are crafted in a lab?

Yes! Great dental laboratories across the country along with our in-office Chairside Milling Device use the same materials to craft your restoration. Plus, we’ll have the benefit of being able to take impressions as well as craft your restoration, making sure that each detail is completed to our standards throughout every step of the way.

Is CEREC used to make every restoration you make?

No. When it comes to certain situations, and depending on the materials that you want your dental crown in Superior to be made from, we may suggest sending it into a dental laboratory instead of crafting it in-office. However, we’ll still use the advanced imaging technology of CEREC to capture detailed impressions that we’ll send off to the lab.