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Brighten Your Smile with Superior Teeth Whitening

Ask Drs. Clark about teeth whitening services from Hill Avenue Dental!

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? Your enamel probably isn’t as bright as it could be. Drinking carbonated beverages, coffee, or red wine can stain your teeth. Teeth can also dim over time, which gives them a lackluster appearance. When your enamel is dulled from age, stain-induced beverages, or detrimental habits like smoking, it can darken your smile as well as your self-image. To fight back against damage and unsightly grins, Hill Avenue Dental has teeth whitening procedures for you! Contact our Superior, WI office today.

Why can’t I just use over-the-counter treatments?

Superior dentists Drs. Doug and Doug Clark will be the first to admit a select number of teeth whitening procedures that you could obtain over the counter appear to whiten teeth, but these methods typically create results by damaging enamel. This precious layer prevents bacteria and contaminants from infiltrating your teeth. Daily wear and tear erodes your teeth enough; why actively destroy them as well? Homemade concoctions and nonprescription teeth whitening processes never create lasting results as it is. Your grin will appear whiter and then quickly fade back to its usual dreary form. If you have tried lightening your teeth with these methods and are experiencing sensitivity and discomfort, learn more about our root canal therapy here.

Philips DayWhite and NiteWhite, on the other hand, have been shown to brighten smiles in as few as seven days! Drs. Doug and Doug Clark will be able to adjust the formula to the level of strength and effectiveness that you need. It all depends on how well your desires and expectations are communicated and understood prior to receiving your teeth whitening solution from our Superior, WI dental practice. We’ll customize a whitening tray to fit your mouth, and you’ll be able to make the treatment fit into your lifestyle! Because these are at-home processes, you can adjust the times that you use DayWhite or NiteWhite to fit into your schedule.

Whitening by utilizing DayWhite and NiteWhite could shelter your enamel better than the average treatment, too! This is because they contain amorphous calcium phosphate, or ACP, an enamel-protecting ingredient which has been shown to lessen sensitivity in clinical trials.

Hill Avenue Dental has created radiant smiles for years, and our team would love to help you recreate your smile today. Contact our office to schedule your appointment. Hill Avenue Dental is located in Superior, WI. Our practice sees patients from Superior, Duluth, and the surrounding communities. If you’d like to learn more about our dentistry services, click here.