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General Dentistry – Superior, WI

Exceptional Dental Services for Healthy Smiles

The dentists and staff at Hill Avenue Dental would like to work with you to maintain your overall oral health. Keeping your smile healthy is an achievable goal if you practice good dental hygiene habits and regularly visit our practice for general dentistry examinations. This will help prevent you from more extensive and expensive dentistry in the future. We have decades of experience you’ll be able to appreciate from the moment you step through our doors. Dr. Doug Clark III can provide dental care catered to your needs at our Superior, WI location.

Digital Imaging for Teeth/Gums

At Hill Avenue Dental, we are committed to the most precise and efficient treatments available. That’s why we have digital imaging for teeth and gums. Whether you need lifelike restorations, or you’re looking for a smile transformation with porcelain veneers, we have the technology to deliver amazing results. With digital imaging, we can avoid the use of messy and unreliable putty, taking quick and easy images of your smile instead. These are then used to create a digital model of your teeth, which we will use to ensure you receive the best treatment.

Dental Checkups

The staff at Hill Avenue Dental prefers to see patients for general dentistry checkups every six months.  With each exam, we’ll do a visual oral cancer screening and once a year we’ll update images of your teeth. This is so we can get a better view of anything that may be going on below your gums and helps us check for any decay. Drs. Doug and Doug Clark want to reduce your exposure to harmful x-rays, so our practice uses digital imaging instead of traditional x-rays at our Superior, WI office.

A dental hygienist can thoroughly cleanse your mouth and remove harmful plaque from your enamel during a general dentistry deep cleaning. If we find cavities in your mouth, we’ll be able to repair the damage without creating a patchy look by using natural-colored, ceramic fillings. This resin is also used during many of our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our Superior, WI staff can also apply a protective sealant to add an extra shield to your precious enamel.

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Deep Cleanings

Gum disease is a common problem that occurs when bacteria builds up, infecting and inflaming your gums. If left untreated, this issue can lead to serious health conditions like permanent tissue damage, bone deterioration, and tooth loss. Thankfully, we offer deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, to stop gum disease and give you a healthy smile. We will clean above and beneath your gums before smoothing out your tooth roots to make it harder for plaque to collect in the future.

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Metal-Free Fillings

At Hill Avenue Dental, we are committed to helping you feel AND look better, which is why we provide metal-free fillings. We can treat tooth decay with a tooth-colored composite resin that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your smile. You won’t have to deal with noticeable metal fillings as well as sensitivity or irritation if you have a metal allergy. An added benefit is that composite resin doesn’t expand and contract with temperature change, making your metal-free restorations more comfortable overall.

Fluoride Treatments & Dental Sealants

We also provide all the services your child needs to stay happy and healthy. Children are automatically at higher risk of oral health issues like cavities because of their sugary diets and inexperience with at-home dental hygiene. That’s why our dentist in Superior offers fluoride treatment to protect and remineralize your son or daughter’s smile. We also have dental sealants, which can be placed on the molars (back teeth used to chew), preventing cavities before they can even have a chance to form!

Athletic Mouthguards

It’s important to defend your teeth from damage. If you play a sport, speak with our general dentistry team about athletic mouthguards. They can absorb the shock of impact, so your enamel won’t be hurt because of the total force. You don’t want to wait until you’ve already suffered an accident – contact our Superior, WI office today!

Drs. Doug and Doug Clark want to help you maintain your oral health with general dentistry visits at Hill Avenue Dental. We regularly see patients from Superior, Lake Nebagamon, Solon Springs, Brule and other areas in Douglas County and Northern Wisconsin as well as Duluth, Proctor, Hermantown and Cloquet in Northeastern Minnesota. Join our dental family and schedule your appointment today! If you’re a new patient, find out more about our practice by clicking here. We work with CareCredit, a third-party financing company, to help make our dentistry more affordable for our patients.

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