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Dental Insurance – Superior, WI

Maximize Your Benefits, Minimize Your Expenses

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Whether you have dental insurance through an employer or you purchased it on your own, you should certainly use your policy to the full! Not only will it help you prevent dental problems, but it will also be there as a financial aid if your smile ever needs some restorative TLC. But how can you get the greatest value possible out of your policy? At Hill Avenue Dental, our team are experts at handling insurance, and we will be happy to help you understand and navigate your coverage. We are even in-network with a leading dental insurance company.

How Dental Insurance Works

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There are a few different types of dental insurance plans, including both HMO and PPO. PPO plans are popular because they offer a greater level of flexibility. While the specifics of what they cover vary from policy to policy, we can offer a general overview of how they typically work:

  • Preventive care (such as cleanings, checkups, and necessary X-Rays): 100% covered
  • Minor restorative care (which often includes fillings and simple extractions): 70% - 80% covered
  • Major restorative care (crowns and bridges often fall into this category): 50% covered
  • Cosmetic services: Not covered

Your policy may also include an annual maximum, a deductible, and a waiting period before you can use your benefits for certain services.

What Is the Difference Between Dental & Medical Insurance?

Dental insurance has a strong focus on prevention, and it applies only to services that have a direct bearing on oral health. Medical insurance is broader in scope; it is geared toward general health services. It does not usually cover routine dental treatments, but it may cover certain emergency oral health services and oral surgery. You will have to check the specific details of both your medical and dental policy to see how they apply to particular treatments.

In-Network vs Out of Network

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Whether or not our practice is in-network with your dental insurance company, we will do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits.

In-Network Coverage

If a dental practice is in-network with a dental insurance company, it means that they have a contract between them that controls prices and other aspects of care. This arrangement can reduce patients’ out of pocket expenses. At Hill Avenue Dental, we are proud to be in-network with Delta Dental, the nation’s largest dental plan provider.

Out of Network

PPO insurance plans allow you to visit virtually any dental practice and still use your benefits in order to save hundreds of dollars on care — even with out of network dentists. If we are not in your policy’s network, we will still be glad to help you use your policy. We will verify your coverage, file your claims, and do our best to answer any questions you have about how your plan works.

Would you like to learn more about dental insurance and how our team can help you use your benefits to the full? Contact Hill Avenue Dental today.