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Cosmetic Dentistry – Superior, WI

Creating Beautiful Superior Smiles

Man seeing cosmetic dentist in Superior

Your appearance can affect the way you feel about yourself. Lacking confidence in your grin will prevent you from feeling totally at ease in social situations. Wouldn’t you rather draw attention to a beautiful smile? Cosmetic dentistry from Hill Avenue Dental has services that can give you the look you’re hoping for. We see patients from all over Wisconsin, and our staff would love to show you the ways we can boost your appearance! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Superior today!

Teeth Whitening

Man after teeth whitening in Superior

As the years pass, you’ll begin to notice that your enamel doesn’t shine as brightly as it used to. Red wine, coffee, and soda can contribute to the darkening of your teeth. Sometimes, age can be a factor as well. To counteract these negative effects on your smile, Dr. Clark has teeth whitening available upon request. Teeth whitening can effectively remove the years from your smile, and you’ll love the new, improved look!


Woman with veneers in Superior

Do you have chips or flaws in your enamel? Dr. Clark can cover your damage with porcelain veneers. If your teeth are otherwise healthy, these ceramic shells can be affixed to the front of your teeth to give your mouth a naturally flawless appearance. For our cosmetic full-porcelain crowns, we use techniques taught by the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry and have the crowns fabricated at the “Advanced Ceramics” cosmetics laboratory in California.

Natural-Colored Fillings

Dental filling in Superior

Metallic fillings aren’t just unattractive, they’re hazardous. Mercury is an ingredient of silver amalgam fillings. To reduce your exposure to this dangerous metal, the cosmetic dentistry staff at Hill Avenue Dental practices metal-free dentistry. We prefer to use composite and porcelain fillings to treat your cavities and other damage. The ceramic filling can be created using CEREC technology, which blends in well with your enamel so no one will have to know that you’ve received dental care.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding in Superior

When minor chips, cracks, and stains leave you feeling unhappy with your smile, there is a solution provided by our team that is less invasive and more affordable – cosmetic bonding. Using color-matched composite resin, we can apply it directly onto the tooth enamel before shaping and sculpting it into place. This creates a beautiful and fully restored appearance, allowing you to enjoy your smile for many years to come.