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Patient Testimonials

Childhood experiences have left me with “white knuckle dental patient syndrome”. I searched online reviews and decided to give Hill Avenue Dental a try. I called to make an appointment and was immediately impressed by my conversation with Paula. She asked several questions and when I briefly explained my dental phobia she assured me I would be treated with care and that I had called the right place. When I first met Dr. Clark it was in an office, not the dental chair. We talked about my past experiences; he was trying to understand my fears and apprehensions. This made a huge impression on me. Never before had a dentist taken the time to talk like this BEFORE an appointment. Not being in the dental chair for this conversation was amazing. I didn’t feel rushed and felt my fears were heard and understood. After several appointments I can honestly say that everyone at this office is fantastic. Dentistry has come a long way since my childhood. Unfortunately, real fear doesn’t magically disappear, even for a logical adult. The compassion of every person at Hill Avenue Dental has truly impressed me. If you have a dental phobia I highly recommend you call Paula and make an appointment… or call her even if you’re not afraid, either way, you won’t be disappointed! – Kerry J.
January 16, 2023

The whole team did a great job. – Peter K.
January 25, 2020

I felt well taken care of from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. Paula, Cindy, and Dr. Clark always do an exceptional job. Thank you. – Amy L.
January 17, 2020

The kindness and professionalism from everyone that works there is amazing. As always, I left my appointment feeling confident about the work done and with a clear understanding of what steps need to be taken for my dental health. Thank you! – Laurana J.
January 11, 2020

Everyone I had contact with was pleasant, knowledgeable and focused on my needs. – Anonymous
January 10, 2020

Thanks for all your friendly assistance to me through the many years of my dental care. Thanks for sincerely caring about your patients. – Robert M.
January 9, 2020

Everyone is always very pleasant and professional. – Vicki H.
January 8, 2020

State-of-the-art care. Thanks. – Eric D.
December 24, 2019

We had a scheduling issue (I forgot to take my meds). You were able to fit me in. We really appreciate what you do. Thank you. – Gary B.
December 20, 2019

My first time going to Hill Dental. I was very pleased with everyone at the office, they were all very pleasant and made you feel at ease and comfortable right away. Highly recommended for everyone. – Anonymous
December 17, 2019

Very pleasant experience and a very clean and inviting office! – Anonymous
November 30, 2019

I had a fantastic new patient experience! I've been to other clinics in the area who've also done a good job, but this clinic was much more informative and thorough and also has a very friendly and personable dynamic. It's been a few years since my last dental appointment and my dental hygienist did an amazing job checking my oral health and making my teeth feel clean again and informing me of what she was finding and doing along with way! She also gave me some good tips to improve my at home oral care. I also liked that I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Clark before the appointment and go over my concerns and history. I've never had that experience before with a dental office, and it makes the whole experience more personalized versus just having the dentist stop in quick to check teeth after a cleaning and giving a thumbs up. – Amy S.
November 14, 2019

It was my initial appointment and it went well. All the staff I interacted with were pleasant and personable. – Debra M.
November 7, 2019

Thanks to everyone! I'm a first time visitor and I was blown away by the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff. Will definitely be a lifelong customer! – Jon F.
October 26, 2019

Everything was fine! – Marcia M.
August 23, 2019

Everyone was professional and super friendly! I was impressed with how nice the office was too – Anonymous
August 15, 2019

Everyone was very nice that I met – Victoria W.
August 7, 2019

So far what I've experienced your entire team is solid – Jeffery S.
July 16, 2019

It is always a pleasant experience with Raula – Kathleen M.
July 4, 2019

Thanks – Kenneth Z.
June 4, 2019

All great people! I'm so glad I chose your dental office! – Terry E.
June 4, 2019

Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable – Eufrasia W.
May 9, 2019

Everyone is always friendly and welcoming! – Theresa T.
May 2, 2019

What a wonderful place -professional yet friendly folks all. – Erik L.
April 30, 2019

Everyone was so friendly and I really appreciate that given I had a tooth ache they worked with their schedule to fit me in. – Kelinda L,
April 25, 2019

As always, it was a fantastic visit! Denise was excellent in carrying the conversation while she was cleaning my teeth. Denise and Paula were warm, friendly, and hilarious as usual!! – Vernon S.
April 17, 2019

Friendly staff and things, well explained by all staff. – Tami N.
April 16, 2019

Overall happy! – Jeffrey M.
April 8, 2019

Even though my dental news was not good.I was very impressed with the service I received. top notch I will recommend your services to all of my friends Thanks and keep up the good work David Manley. – David M.
March 21, 2019

I thought that the overall experience was excellent and I would refer friends and family. Thank You all for your professionalism R Gudowski. – Richard G.
March 19, 2019

Pam and Cindy were very competent and very friendly :) – Rachel H.
March 13, 2019

After having a wonderful dentist for 40 years I was expecting it to be harder to start fresh after our move. It was a positive experience! – Patricia H.
December 6, 2018

Hard to top the staff and their performance! More than anything , that always has us looking forward to our visits . We really appreciate how everyone cares for us and helps with making your service very cost effective . We have reccommended Hill Ave. Dental to many of our friends . – Beverely B.
December 5, 2018

Everyone there is wonderful and treat me so well. – Beth B.
October 27, 2018

I wouldn't change a thing. – Dana M.
February 22, 2019

Everyone involved with this dental office has made each visit personal and professional. If there are any questions, they are solved quickly and efficiently. Our family started with this dental firm in the mid-70's and it has continued to be our family dental office. That is a lot of years! – Deborah L.
January 19, 2019

Everyone was very nice and I was happy and pleased to be there! Got excellent results with my chipped tooth too! – Marguerite P.
January 29, 2019

January 22, 2019

Dr Clark Ur.) Very professional, very personable talked about my options, step by step on how the procedure would go. Paula was extremely helpful in getting me scheduled in and appropriate paperwork sent in. Overall, an AWESOME experience. – Dennis J.
January 15, 2019

I feel like there is very good team chemistry and that the patient's best interests are a priority. – Robert M. 
December 6, 2018

All the staff were very friendly and great. They provide excellent service, especially to the dentist who fixed my teeth. The hygienist Cindy also did a good job in cleaning my teeth. – Glorivic F.
Oct 9, 2018

Our visit was seamless; A rare Gem for our family many years ago, again, the same for us, Thank you for Excellence!!! – Elmer R.
Oct 9, 2018

Thank you for having the ramp ready for me. – Stephen M.
Oct 3, 2018

Keep smiling ! – Shirley C.
Sep 26, 2018

As always, I am so pleased and comfortable with my experience at Hill Ave. Dental! From Paula's first greeting to her review of needs, financial and insurance issues, and appointment scheduling at the end, everyone is professional and experienced. Dr. Clark is reassuring, kind, and thorough. I think so highly of Cindy and the rest of the staff that patiently strives to meet my needs and expectations. – Jim S.
Sep 6, 2018

This was the best experience I've ever had having a filling replaced. Great team work and I had no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Thank you! – Audrey K.
Aug 27, 2018

Everyone was friendly. – Heather S.
Aug 24, 2018

Denise is my hygienist and as much as I dislike the dentist chair she always makes me feel comfortable. – Kristin M.
Aug 22, 2018

Sarah, Denise, Paula and Dr. Clark, III were my contacts during my visit and all provided exceptional and efficient service. Thank you. – Polly L.
Aug 17, 2018

Everything was good. – Marcia M.
Aug 16, 2018

My entire visit was great. From arrival to exit. Super impressed. Thank you!! – Sheila O.
Aug 10, 2018

We brought all three kids in at once, which can be a little overwhelming, but everyone was great with the kids and so friendly! – Lindee K.
Jul 31, 2018

Was very impressed with my care. Thank you so much for putting me at ease & I have had no pain. – Anonymous
Jul 17, 2018

Rau la was very diplomatic in urging me to make a few changes. Very pleasant and professional. – David C.
Jun 29, 2018

Only complaint was another person in waiting area talking loud on cell phone and watching something on it before that. – Joanne P.
Jun 29, 2018

Hygienist very personable, skilled and knowledgeable. – John F.
Jun 26, 2018

Dental hygienist excellent. – Amy F.
Jun 26, 2018

I was very happy with your service. Thank you very much! – Theodore J.
Jun 22, 2018

My sister Cindy always does and excellentjob, Pam treats you like you are part of the family and Paula is always the first cheerful voice you hear! Dr. Doug Ill is awesome!! – Wendy O.
Jun 18, 2018

You are the best! – Jennifer D.
Jun 14, 2018

Each of the staff great with a friendly smile and hello. very personable – Mary P.
Jun 12, 2018

All staff from the receptionist, hygienist, and dentist were very Proficient , friendly and professional. – Phil F.
May 8, 2018

I was greeted by name when I came in and thanked when I left. The young lady who cleaned my teeth is OUTSTANDING! She truly cares about me and my family and it's always a joy to see her! – Theresa T.
Apr 20, 2018

i have refer you two many friends you have help me many times thank you tim – Timothy C.
Apr 20, 2018

All the folks at Hill Avenue Dental are professional and friendly - I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. – Erik L.
Apr 16, 2018

Everyone was just great --Paula, Pam, Dr. Clark, and Denise! I'm glad I switched from my former dentist. – Vernon S.
Apr 16, 2018

Keep up the good work. – Patrick M.
January 7, 2018

Was very impressed with the facility. Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. – Dean W.
December 12, 2017

It was great loved my cleaning, my teeth actually felt really clean. Thank You. – Aileen R.
December 5, 2017

Staff is always friendly and professional, both with my husband and I as well as our children. Would highly recommend them to anyone! – Jennifer S.
November 29, 2017

The entire staff is always something we look forward to!! Thans to Hill Ave. Dental , we smile even better now and, have for almost 25 years !! See you again!! – Beverly B.
November 16, 2017

I have always been terrified of dentist visits. However, from the very first phone call the team made me feel comfortable and safe. Paula assured me that they can take care of me and greeted me like a friend when I arrived. Pam did an amazing job of explaining everything to me clearly and made sure I know that I can bring music and headphones to make my experience more comfortable, which no dentists office has ever offered me before. Cindy (I think) only worked with me a short while, but she made sure that I was as comfortable and pain free as possible. Doctor Clarke was incredible as well. I have never had a dentist treat me with so much respect and compassion. The overall impression the team provided me with was less that they were there to do a job and more that they were there to help me reach a healthy point for my mouth. They are professional without being cold, and I love the email and text reminders that make it easy to manage my appointments. The building is also phenomenal. – Laurana J.
November 8, 2017

All great. Was updated on my dental health. New supplies given. Future appt set up Ruolla (?sp). The best!!! – Janet N.
November 4, 2017

Everyone is always so nice and friendly. Just a great bunch of people! – Kelly E.
October 3, 2017

Great first visit. – Matthew M.
September 27, 2017

I was anxious for my new patient exam because I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time. My worries were relieved when I walked through the doors of Hill Avenue Dental. I was warmly welcomed and was brought back to the exam room within minutes of my scheduled appointment. Every person I came in contact with was extremely helpful and understanding of my situation. I never once felt like I wasn't welcome. – Zoe S.
September 13, 2017

I'm a new patient, and they made me very comfortable with them. Friendly environment. Happy to go back again. – Alicia H.
September 13, 2017

You guys did an excellent job and are very friendly – Angela B.
September 13, 2017

Loved all of you! Thanks. – Eric K.
September 7, 2017

Karin A.

Always enjoy coming & seeing everyone there, friendly staff & very sympathetic to the patients needs. – Renate S.
August 30, 2017

I enjoy my visits to Hill Ave Dental. Always have, always will.– David S.
August 2, 2017

I am very happy with the service provided by Denise Guerra, and of course the Doctors.– Karin A.
June 30, 2017

Everybody is great there, friendly, makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door.– Beth B.
June 30, 2017

Pam was so friendly. I appreciate the Dr. sitting down with me prior to my appointment. Overall great experience and looking forward to having my cleaning done on June 22nd.– Brianna B.
June 28, 2017

Denise is very thorough and kind. Always pleasant.– Debora B.
June 10, 2017

I am very happy with my care. Denise is the best!!– Denise V.
May 17, 2017


Paula is always friendly and personable, very knowledgeable, and also great at those dental appointment reminders! Dr. Clark, Pam and Cindy work so well together and communicate all information and diagnosis with great care, compassion, and honest to me, the patient.!– Mary M.
May 17, 2017

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly and inviting. Very helpful. – Charles W.
May 16, 2017

We have been going to Hill Avenue Dental for 18 years and have always been happy with the care we received. Each time we go for our appointments, it's like visiting friends. – Anonymous
May 5, 2017


I’ve always received outstanding service from the entire staff. What a great team. Keep up the good work. – Mary Lou B.
April 5, 2017

Everyone was great! We showed up a little late for our first appointments (I had the wrong time) and even then, the entire staff was nice and fun to work with. Pam’s patience with my anxious daughter was comforting! Thank you – Traci P.
March 18, 2017

You have the finest staff & all do a great job… My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner!! Thanks again! – Lavonne G.
March 14, 2017

Continue the great service you have provided for me! – Jeffrey H.
March 1, 2017

After coming here for almost 25 years, I think that alone speaks for the entire operation! Great work along with great people! I’m staying!! – Gary B.
February 23, 2017

Paula is always great to see when I walk in - always upbeat. Denise asks about family and great personal interaction.– William F.
February 16, 2017


Always excellent friendly service!– Danita P.
February 9, 2017

I enjoyed the company of my dental hygienist, great woman and extremely conversational.– Anonymous
January 19, 2017

The hygienist was gentle, friendly, and thoroughly professional. She made me feel relaxed and very comfortable during the cleaning and exam.– Bruce N.
January 6, 2017

The entire staff was great. Very casual and comfortable the entire visit.– Jeff B.
December 29, 2016

Denise did an outstanding job during my visit!– Timothy N.
December 14, 2016

Very friendly staff.– Amanda K.
November 18, 2016

I've been coming for so long, everyone knows me and is always very nice! Always appreciate the freebees of toothbrush, floss and paste!– Bonnie A.
November 16, 2016

Everyone I met was knowledgeable and fun. It was the best dental experience I've ever had, thank you!– Jennifer B.
October 21, 2016

I am always impressed with the professional yet friendly service by all at Hill Ave. Dental :)– Erik L.
October 19, 2016

Cindy is an awesome hygienist!– Anonymous
October 10, 2016

I received excellent services! Thank you so much.– Esther K.
October 6, 2016

Paula is extremely helpful and kind, she has helped me with various care credit programs. I don't know what I would have done without her help. Cindy is very kind and gentle when she cleans my teeth, she is very personable and always upbeat. I look forward to my visit to her.– Bill H.
September 12, 2016

Denise was my hygienist, she always does a good job and suggests better ways of flossing, etc. She also is mindful of getting the appointment done productively like having Dr. Clark come in to check me even before she was done cleaning my teeth. I was impressed that you now have a program for measuring gums.– Susan H.
August 25, 2016

Brittany Adams is so sweet and knowledgable. She made me feel very comfortable and explained the procedures very articulately.– Anonymous
August 23, 2016

Thanks for taking great care of me.– Robert M.
August 20, 2016

Always a good experience.– Charlene P.
August 11, 2016

Everybody is friendly. We love our dentist and hygienist. Awesome job! My work recently changed ins. to Delta Dental. I referred my close friend to your office! Top notch!.– Samuel F.
August 10, 2016

Best dental cleaning I have ever had.– Brian S.
August 3, 2016

Everyone is absolutely courteous and friendly!!!! I love your staff!!!!.– Shirley C.
July 31, 2016

Everyone is very friendly and courteous. Makes you feel at home. Thank you..– Adam B.
July 25, 2016

As is always the case, Cindy, Paula, and Dr. Clark provided excellent services in a friendly and professional environment..– Paul H.
July 14, 2016

Denise as always was great. Very personable and always goes over my dental health very thoroughly. She's a true gem!.– Deborah B.
June 23, 2016

Everyone is always wonderful to me.– Beth B.
June 17, 2016

Everyone is so friendly and they take a real interest in you and your family!.– Annette F.
June 14, 2016

I am a business owner and time is very limited during the day for me and the staff ALWAYS gets me out under an hour so I can get back to my business which is GREATLY appreciated. This is why I have been a customer for the last 40+ years.– Tim D.
June 9, 2016

You don't need to change! It is always pleasant to come to Hill Ave. Dental!!– Marguerite P.
June 2, 2016

Wonderful, as per usual... keep up the good work!– Anonymous
May 23, 2016

All good. Have great care.– Janet N.
May 20, 2016

Excellent care as always.– Mark R.
May 11, 2016

Great service and employees. Highly recommend to anyone looking.– John H.
April 19, 2016

Thanks. I have not changed dentists in the past 37 years. That record should speak for itself.– Kenneth Z.
April 5, 2016

Staff are friendly.– Tom
March 18, 2016

It is important that the folks who work in this profession be courteous, cheerful, honest and up-front, and professional. All of the people I have met who work at Hill Avenue Dental has mastered these traits.– Kurt
March 17, 2016

I appreciate both the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff.– Anonymous
March 7, 2016

As always, an excellent visit.– Timothy F.
March 5, 2016

Paula is very good at her job, pleasant conversation, explains well, beautiful teeth. Paula and her associate were pleasant and helped set my next appt. Doc you always are the rock star too.– Robert S.
February 26, 2016

Thank you for the very professional care, as always.– Thomas M.
February 12, 2016

A great and thorough experience, thank you.– Janu S.
January 20, 2016

The efficient and personable hygienists are always a pleasure to see and interact with.– Bruce N.
January 3, 2016

Wonderful, everyone there makes the bi-annual checkup very pleasant. Thank you!– Anonymous
December 16, 2015

Denise is fantastic. Always a pleasure.– Amy M.
November 19, 2015

My son's first visit to the Dentist was a great one. He really enjoyed all the treats he got for being a good helper. Thank you– Zachary J.
October 26, 2015

Everyone that took care of me were very friendly and easy to talk with. I had a very positive appointment. Thank You!– Clairice B.
October 6, 2015

Professional staff and very friendly atmosphere.– Troy P.
September 24, 2015

You have an exceptional staff & great office!– Lavonne G.
September 15, 2015

Good visit, thorough & efficient. Good visit!.– Elizabeth Z.
July 14, 2015

I was very pleased with my visit and the information that I received was very helpful.– Anonymous
June 25, 2015

Everyone is always very, very pleasant at your office.– Anonymous
June 9, 2015

You all are just great!!!!– Ken H.
May 28, 2015

Great job!– Warren B.
May 15, 2015

Nancy and myself are always welcomed with smiling faces. Everything is done with special care. The personal touch by everyone is greatly appreciated.– Andrew L.
May 12, 2015

Your practice was extremely helpful in accommodating me at the last minute. You took care of me and did your best to make me more comfortable and discover what was wrong. Thanks for all of the help and fitting me in.– Jordan W.
May 8, 2015

Great Staff!– Elizabeth M.
May 8, 2015

Everyone is awesome!– Gina L.
May 7, 2015

Appreciate that you always get me in on short notice. It is so appreciated. You guys are the best!!! – Tracie S.
May 1, 2016

Very warm atmosphere. Thanks– Greg V.
April 30, 2015

Everything was good, all staff was very friendly. – Beverly B.
April 29, 2015

Completely satisfied with services offered. – Carolyn D.
April 23, 2015

Everyone was great as always! Very good teeth cleaning and everything was explained to me. Wish I could remember the name of the girl who helped before I got my teeth cleaned too. She took xrays and set up next appointment and got everything ready. She had also assisted when I got my crowns last time. Very nice, and very good at her job-can tell she is very efficient. – Donna P.
April 19, 2015

From the moment I walked in I felt comfortable, was greeted with a smile right away! Everyone went our their way to make me feel at home as comfortable as possible and I truly appreciate that!! – Renate S.
March 31, 2015

I appreciate the professional and chair side manners, Also learned a few new cleaning techniques. – Kenneth Z.
March 27, 2015

Very nice atmosphere. Everyone was helpful and accommodating. – Sandra O.
March 20, 2015

I hate the dentist more than anything, but they are very patient with me and my fear and have helped me to make it through every appointment! They do great work! – Theresa G.
March 19, 2015

I arrived early (my mistake) and I was taken into the exam room anyway 30 minutes early. I am happy with all of the care I have received. I have had 2 emergency visits in the past 2 years and have always been very satisfied with the care. – Lesley K.
March 13, 2015

Denise is the greatest. – Denise V.
March 11, 2015

Denise, as always, has a very gentle touch & explains everything, does a lot of teaching & reinforcing. Can't think of anything right now I would want done differently. – Julia K.
March 10, 2015

Enjoyed Paula's welcoming smile! – Eufrasia W.
March 3, 2015

Dr. Clark along with Hygienists Cindy and Denise are very accommodating. Explain all my dental issues, options and remedies. My visits to Hill Avenue Dental are the most professional medical experiences I have had from the time I arrive in the front door until I depart. Again, Staff is second to none, Thank you. – Timothy F.
February 27, 2015

Your staff has all these bases covered! My wife Beverly and I always enjoy our visits! I think I've been there almost as long as Cindy! – Gary B.
February 26, 2015

I really appreciate how efficiently the office managed. The doctors and staff are very polite, professional and informative. I will continue to refer people to your practice for their dental needs. Thank you to the entire staff. – Polly L.
February 24, 2015

I love my hygienist Cindy!!! – Allison M.
February 24, 2015

Paula did her typical outstanding job. – Tony B.
February 20, 2015

The entire staff was very professional. – Jeffrey H.
February 19, 2015

The smiling faces of all of your staff is very welcoming. – Alan J.
February 13, 2015

Everyone is kind and very professional. We appreciate that. – Luci G.
February 10, 2015