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Does Root Canal Therapy in Superior Hurt?

September 26, 2018

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Smiling, comfortable woman in the dental chair. It started with a simple little zing when you would drink cold beverages, now all of a sudden you are in constant pain that is no joke! Now you’ve been told you need a root canal, and you’re terrified. After all, you are already in pain, isn’t root canal therapy going to make it worse? Here’s what you should know about root canal therapy in Superior.

Why You Need a Root Canal

If your tooth is experiencing constant and severe pain, it is trying to tell you that it’s infected. Please understand that dental infections don’t go away without treatment. In fact, if you don’t act quickly, the infection can spread and affect neighboring teeth and even result in tooth loss.

Your infection is a result of tooth decay that progressed into the nerve of your tooth, which is why you are feeling that terrible pain. Your dentist will enter your tooth through a small access hole made in the top and clean out all the infected tissue. Once your tooth is clean and infection-free, it is sealed with a temporary filling and allowed time to heal.

Once the healing process is completed, your tooth will need to be rebuilt so that it can provide all the function of biting and chewing that you had before your infection. This is done with a permanent filling or dental crown.

The Surprising Truth About Root Canal Therapy

For years, root canals have had the reputation for causing pain. The truth is, they are actually eliminating your pain! The discomfort that you feel is caused by the infection in your tooth. Root canal therapy eliminates your infection and pain, while also preserving your natural tooth structure.

In fact, your pain will immediately disappear when your dentist delivers a local anesthetic. This numbs your tooth and the surrounding area so your dentist can complete your root canal therapy procedure without you feeling a thing.

Your tooth may feel tender after your procedure but should feel normal again in a matter of days.

Avoiding Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that you can actually prevent many root canal procedures? When you visit your dentist consistently every six months for checkups they can detect tooth decay in its earliest stages. When it’s detected early on, tooth decay can typically be treated with a simple dental filling, which eliminates the decay before it can progress further into your tooth. It’s that easy!

If you find yourself experiencing dental pain, or if it’s time to schedule your next dental checkup, give your dentist in Superior a call today.

About the Author

At Hill Avenue Dental, Dr. Doug Clark Jr. has been caring for patients for over 30 years. He is joined by his son who carries on his tradition of providing exceptional dental services in a warm, caring, and friendly environment.

We are prepared to make you as comfortable as possible during root canal therapy, and most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth and easy the procedure is.

If you would like to contact Dr. Clark, he can be reached by calling 715-392-5161 or through our website.

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